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What Makes Carpets The Ideal Flooring Option In Care Homes

You can enjoy all the benefits offered by new carpet installation if you can choose the right type of carpet according to the location of your property. Though there are various flooring options, most people prefer installing carpets in their care facility. Consider its location before determining which flooring material will suit the property. Few areas where you can install new carpets are the corridor, communal lounge and bedroom. They help increase the appeal of the care home and the indoor air quality.

4 More Benefits Of Fitting Carpets At Care Homes


Unwanted noises reduce the comfort level and well-being of the people living in care facilities. It even impacts their sleeping pattern. It will become hard for the staff to concentrate on their work and deteriorate their performance. The sound pressure level in your care facility will reduce if you follow the UK building regulations and choose your carpet variety accordingly. Some are capable of absorbing sound in a room and reducing sound reverberation.

Save Money

Do you want the floors in your care home to have a soft cushioned layer? Get in touch with a reputable supplier of flooring in Reigate and install new carpets. The rooms will get a welcoming and warm feel, and you can enjoy extra comfort underfoot. They are effective thermal insulators. You can even reduce your energy bills as the temperature in a room rises if you can install quality carpets.

Benefit The Environment

Some people in a care home deal with breathing difficulties like asthma. An easy way to improve indoor air quality is by installing new carpets. Get in touch with an experienced company installing carpets and they will suggest the right carpet variety. The floor covering will absorb fine dust from the air and prevent them from entering your respiratory tract.

Control Infection

Carpet floors are slip-proof. A kitchen is a place where water might remain on the floor anywhere without you even noticing the same. If you’ve carpet floors, then the risk of slipping is minimised. You can walk freely without the stress of falling.

Carpets installed in care homes help control infection by offering numerous functional benefits. Earlier, cleaning and maintaining carpets were considered to be a daunting task. Nowadays, most carpet varieties are lightweight and can be cleaned with ease. Clean carpets are infection-free. Cleaning hardwood floors are more time-consuming than cleaning carpets. No wonder, carpets are considered a more preferred choice for care homes.

These been said, it’s time you get in touch with the flooring experts at Carter Throne Carpets and fit beautiful carpets at your Care Home.