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The Best Type of Flooring or Carpet for “High Traffic Areas” in Home


Within every home or office, there should be a natural flow of movement throughout the given space. For example, you feel space while walking in the hallway or kitchen, but you do not feel the same while walking or moving in the bedroom. Making comfortable movement in the given space is the key element of designing. The parts of the home where you move are often considered “high-traffic areas”.

When choosing the right flooring or carpets from Horley for your house, you should consider the level of traffic the flooring is subjected to. If you have children, pets, or more people sitting or moving, particularly in one room, it will impact the quality and durability of the flooring.

What Happens When You Neglect This Aspect When Choosing The Flooring?

Not all types of flooring are made equal, and though the idea of installing carpets throughout the whole space in your home might be the top priority, it is not a practical decision. High-traffic areas naturally get more foot traffic, bringing dirt, moisture, and debris into the space. The continuous movement pattern will create more wear and tear, and the flooring used in these areas needs more maintenance and results in more signs of damage than the flooring used in less-traffic areas.

What Is The Most Durable Option To Buy?

The vinyl plank floors are considered the best in durability for high-traffic areas. These planks are made scratch-proof, having an anti-fade nature and stain-resistant wear layer for tolerating the high traffic in those areas. The vinyl planks lock together and have a 100% waterproof surface when you are installing in the right way, but also allow singular planks to be replaced first and then install vinyl floors.

When considering carpets for high-traffic areas, you can go for cute pile twist carpets with built-in stain resistivity. These carpets come with many years of warranty and are durable and easy to maintain. If you have children or pets, buy a dark-coloured carpet to prevent stains.

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