Hardwood Floor

How to Choose the Right Stain for Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood is an exquisitely great flooring option that is durable, versatile and elegant. When you choose a hardwood floor from flooring Smallfield, you can make your artistic pick on the stain options. Hardwood floors tend to come in a wide range of stain options. Each of these options can give you a unique look for your floor. Your choice of the particular hardwood stain can make a determining decision for your overall interior. Getting it wrong can impair your overall style or feel as well. So, here we have come to you with some expert tips on how to choose the right hardwood stain for your interior.

Tips for choosing the right hardwood floor stain

Choosing the right colour of hardwood floor stain is paramount to creating the perfect interior décor. Moreover, implementing a floor stain is a costly, daunting and time-consuming procedure. So you would want to get it right in one go.

Settle for a type of hardwood floor

Not every hardwood stains the same way. This is precisely why it is important to consider the kind of hardwood floor you would like to have before choosing a stain colour. For instance, oak is significantly easier to stain than mahogany, maple, birch, or any other exotic wood. The latter are difficult to stain because of tight grains and tight pores.

Choose the stain colour according to your home décor

Secondly, choose your stain colour perfectly so that it matches your home décor. For instance, you might have a rustic interior; in that case, mid-toned brown shades could suit your stain better. Here, dark ebony or grey shades will be grotesque misfits. Likewise, a contemporary-style home will pair well with stains in grey shades. Your floor constitutes the largest area of your household. So, what stain you choose will significantly impact your overall designs.

Take into account floor damage

Well, it is yet another expert tip of ours. Do you have pets or houseplants? You should take into account the impacts of pet hair, scratching, and as well as water damage. We recommend you choose darker staining to hide the water damage to the floor.

Evaluate your time

Not all stains dry at the same speed. Water-based and lacquer stains dry faster than the other stains. So you need to ask how much time you have. If you don’t have much time, choose the stains that dry quickly.

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