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Addressing the 3 Most Common Misconceptions About Carpet Flooring

Selecting a carpet for a property is a major decision for most homeowners. It is a major investment that should last for a considerable number of years in the property. As a homeowner, you must look at different factors before selecting a suitable carpet for your room.


Challenges Faced During Carpet Flooring Installation:


When you tell others about your decision to buy a carpet, you will come across different views. While most will praise your choice, there are naysayers who will critique your decision and find various issues. This may confuse you initially, but that should not back you from your initial plans.


Time to Bust the Popular Myths Regarding Carpet Flooring:


While installing carpets in Reigate, you will come across multiple myths and misconceptions. With proper discussion, we dispel these in the following section of this blog.


Myth 1: Carpet Installation is Inconvenient


Compared with other types of flooring, like hardwood or tiles, carpet flooring seems one of the most inexpensive options. Installing any kind of flooring may pose a challenge to the homeowners. This does not translate to backing out without choosing a proper option. You may have to spend some money upfront, but the flooring will return more as dividends.


Myth 2: Carpets Are Unsuitable for People with Asthma or Allergies


It is a concurrent myth that has prevailed with little scientific evidence. People tend to think that carpet gathers a large amount of dust, which should not be installed in homes of asthma or allergy patients. However, this is a non-issue, as you regularly clean the carpets. Weekly or monthly cleaning can remove these allergen-causing particles. It stops them from being airborne.


Myth 3: Carpets Are Hard to Clean


Carpet flooring is an extensive work where you need to invest a significant amount of time and money. The same rules are followed for cleaning them as well. Cleaning them is not a challenging task, as professional cleaners can make it easier. Instead of mopping and dusting daily, you only need weekly or monthly flooring cleaning, depending on the carpet material.


As you can see, carpet flooring installation is not as hard as it seems to be. To get it done by a professional source, you must contact Carter Thorne Carpets & Flooring Ltd. We are a trusted source where you can find a wide range of floor carpets for your home. Our business focuses on offering quality flooring in Reigate to a wide range of customers. For more information, you can visit our website today.