3 Common Flooring Options For Commercial Properties


There has been a recent increase in commercial properties in and around Crawley. It is why the construction industry noticed a hike in commercial flooring projects. Every new facility requires an aesthetically pleasing and practical flooring option. It is not only about new constructions, people even look for new flooring options once the floors in their residential or commercial property wears out.

Install new floors in your office or factory and you will notice that the number of work-related injuries has reduced and productivity has improved. You can even reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs. Choose the right flooring option and you can reap all the benefits offered by commercial flooring. Know the various options available and you can choose one that fits your space the best.

Few Flooring Options For Commercial Properties

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floors are quite common in retail spaces, shopping complexes, warehouses and supermarkets. Concrete is durable and classic, making it a preferred building material that can give any commercial property a contemporary and clean look. The flooring material is affordable and can fit your office renovation budget. Install polished concrete floors and you will notice that the maintenance costs have reduced drastically. It reflects light so you can reduce utility costs.

Epoxy Flooring

The demand for epoxy flooring is quite high and widely used in commercial settings. You will notice them in oil and gas manufacturing plants, automotive facilities, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, food and beverage plants, parking facilities, airports and colleges. You can customise epoxy coatings according to the demands of the space. You can choose coating with high UV stability, heat resistance and chemical resistance. They are quite resistant to wear and tear. They have good insulating properties and can perform under various temperatures.


If you think that you can’t install carpets in your commercial buildings because they require high maintenance, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Carpets have now become a traditional choice in commercial settings. Not only do they absorb noises but also provide warmth in colder climates. They are quick and easy to install and offer versatility in terms of design and style. Visit a reputable carpet shop and you can choose from a wide variety of flooring options.

Since you can choose from so many flooring options for your commercial property, it’s time you get in touch with the flooring experts at Carter Thorne Carpets.

Soft and comfortable

Working in a kitchen for a long time becomes easier if the kitchen floor is carpeted. A carpet flooring is comfortable and soft, making it easier for the person working in the kitchen to stand for hours without any pain. Moreover, they’re an ideal choice during the cold weather. You can avoid water exposure during the winters if you have carpeted floors underneath your feet.

Safety against broken glass shreds

Glass utensils might often slip off from your hands while you’re working inside the kitchen. Under such circumstances, if a carpeted floor is present in the kitchen, your glass piece might get saved. Moreover, the shred of the glass will not get scattered if the piece falls on the carpet floor. Thus the risk of getting injured by the same decreases.


Noise reduction options

It’s always quieter to walk around if you have got a carpeted floor underneath your feet. Unlike hardwood or any other material, excessive foot traffic can cause a lot of noise in the kitchen. But with carpet floors, there’s simply no noise around the room. You can walk quietly in the kitchen without any disturbance.


Carpet floors are slip-proof. A kitchen is a place where water might remain on the floor anywhere without you even noticing the same. If you’ve carpet floors, then the risk of slipping is minimised. You can walk freely without the stress of falling.

Cons of carpet floors for kitchens


Gets dirty easily

Unlike other flooring options, carpet floors in kitchens get dirty and shabby very easily. You need to wash the same and dry it perfectly before you can place it back. Due to heavy foot traffic, they tend to get greasy and worn out with time.

Non-durable option

Since you’re spending more time in your kitchen, hence carpet floors are being used regularly. Thus, the durability of carpet floors is not very high. They might get damaged with time, and this makes it difficult to keep the floor in place.

Unpleasant odours

Sometimes you might encounter unpleasant odours coming from the carpet floors. Thus regular cleaning is necessary to keep the smell off and maintain the carpet effectively.

If maintained properly, carpets are a feasible option for kitchen floors. For the best carpet flooring options, approach Carter Thorne Carpets. We have an impressive reputation for supplying the best-quality carpet flooring options at the most affordable rates.

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